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From sunset to sunset

Spleen United From Sunset to Sunset at Roskilde Festival 2012

On the 3rd of July 2012 at 22:00, Spleen United commenced the rather punishing task of playing a 24-hour-gig that found its rowdy and rapturous end on the 4th of July at 22:00. During the timespan lasting from sunset to sunset, remarkable and transforming events materialized within the teeming, humid microcosm of Spleen United's Roskilde Festival camping area tent.

The band drifted deeper into the improvised live set, the intoxicated, repetitive energy of the crowd and the unique overall context that is a physically draining and mentally altering 24-hour live performance. A kind of machine-induced trance took hold of Spleen United and was, in turn, transferred to the boisterous festival-goers who brought about a wayward, neo-tribalistic atmosphere that could only be described as utterly ecstatic.

Ultimately, last year's performance represents a novel, uncompromising and experimental way of approaching the concept of a live gig. Watch and listen as Kasper, Janus, Bjarke and Rune forge a different path in the art of playing live.

This site has been programmed to run the audio and time-lapse footage from the 24-hour-gig in a way that makes the time you watch and listen correspond to the time in the gig. For example, this means that that you will see Spleen United play at 15:00 on the 4th of July if you tune in at 15:00 your time.

Choose between two screens: A screen placed outside the tent and one inside the tent.

The footage is comprised purely of time-lapse material.
The time-lapse images are made up of photos taken every 12 seconds.

Ulrik Nørgaard – Network Editor at Aiaiai

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